The results of the III GIS-Forum “Integrated Geospatial Solutions ― the Future of Information Technologies”


On the 15th –17th of April 29, 2015 the Annual International GIS-Forum “Integrated Geospatial Solutions – the Future of Information Technologies”, organized by SOVZOND Company took place. The Event was attended by more than 250 representatives of state, regional and municipal authorities as well as commercial companies, scientific and educational organizations.The participants from different countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukrain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, India, Iran, China, the Republic of Korea, the USA and France could meet face-to face and see what’s new and exciting in this fast moving industry.

The General Partner of GIS-Forum is Rostelecom, the biggest national telecommunication company as well as a recognized technological leader in innovative solutions in the fields of E-government.

The long-term Platinum Sponsor of GIS-Forum - DigitalGlobe (the USA). The Golden Sponsors are BlackBridge (Germany) and Exelis VIS (the USA), as well as the Silver Sponsors are Airbus Defence and Space (France-Germany) and Elecnor Deimos Imaging (Spain).

Media support to the GIS-Forum was provided by 30 Russian and foreign Internet and mass media companies, including Geomatics, Geoprofi magazines, Internet portals CNews, Geospatial Media and Communications and etc.

During the period after the II International GIS-Forum bade farewell to its participants, significant events have taken place in geospatial industry. The latest trends are to use UAVs to acquire aerial imagery, hi-tech technology, including super high resolution satellites, along with mobile devices, crowdsourcing, social networks are applied more and more for the creation of geospatial systems.  

In 2015 the agenda of the III International GIS-Forum included the following activities:

  • IX International Conference “Remote Sensing – the Synergy of High Technologies”

  • III International Conference "GIS - Integration Technologies of the Future" 

  • Round-table discussions, seminars, workshops and master classes

  • Competition "The best Projects in GIS and remote sensing"

  • Exhibition "Engineering and Technology.”

Four plenary sessions were a part of GIS-Forum including 55 reports based on geoinformation technologies. The special focus was made on import substitution as well as the elaboration of domestic platforms and systems.

Opening the Forum, General Director of SOVZOND Company Vladimir Mikhailov pointed out that the development of domestic hard and software in geoinformation industry is getting more and more essential in the face of imposed sanctions and worsening of world market conjuncture.

The plenary session on the first day of the Forum (April 15th ) was devoted to the theme "The Current Status and Development Prospects of Geoinformation Systems and Space Monitoring." It was opened by the First Deputy General Director of SOVZOND Company M. Bolsunovsky. In his report "Integrated Geospatial Solutions – the Future of Information Technologies" he featured the main tendencies in the development of GIS components. Satellite constellations with different configurations are being increasingly developed in the segment of data acquisition. The constant expand in coverage area (up to twice during the season) reduces the amount of tasking by increasing demand for archived data (now share of new tasking is 25%, and in the nearest future it will be only 1%).

Automatic methods of processing is the first priority in data aqusition. It is a serious problem, SOVZOND Company focuses on creating automated technologies including Geoanalitika. Archive – the complex solution for recording, cataloging and storage of spatial data; SOVZOND Orthofactory - software for automated orthorectification of Big Data and etc. Upcoming trends of GIS development are analitical systems and online services including GeoAnalitika Argo (SOVZOND Company), Global Basemap (DigitalGlobe) and Monitoring Service — Agriculture (BlackBridge). Nowdays GIS companies try to meet customers’ needs and generate ready, dynamically updated products at once.

Speaking of complexation on the basis of GIS technologies of Big Data processing M. Bolsunovsky pointed out: “GIS is not just a tool for introduction, complexation and work with spatial and any other information, but also a powerful tool for working in Uniform Information Space of Geodata. It is needed to analize Big Data to receive complete information about areas and different processes. Data archives are constantly increasing, and the target of collaborating data processing on the area of interest is higher-priority.

V. Parshakov, Project Director, Rostelecom told about the prospects, services and activies on the basis of spatial data. He highlighted that for the time being there is no Uniform Information Space of Geodata in our country. Rostelecom has all the opportunities to integrate spatial data and it is actively working over this direction collaborating with SOVZON Company generating the platform for Uniform Information Space of Geodata including GeoPortal, data storage, server for data processing. The project is implemented as Import Sustitution Program.

M. Khoury, EMEAR Sales Director, DigitalGlobe (USA), introduced WorldView-3, the first multi-payload, super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite defining new features including the highest spatial resolution (30 cm) among commercial satellites as well as unique spectral characteristics of shot including SWIR and CAVIS bands.

J. Ahlrichs, Vice President, BlackBridge AG (Germany) reported about the prospects of the company - the operator of the constellation of satellites RapidEye. The company offers the programs for agricultural monitoring, elaborates techniques which allow the customers to improve the accuracy and feasibility of geolocation. The company is working on RapidEye+ satellites constellation with better performance and higher spatial resolution.

N. Brown, International Sales Channel Manager, Exelis VIS – the developer of ENVI, the popular software for remote sensing data processing, - noted the features of new version of the software and emphasized the key goal of the company is to accelerate and simplify the new data extraction.

The features of Deimos-2 were the key theme of J. Lopez’s report, Head of Sales Department, Elecnor Deimos Imaging. The business concept of the company is to provide the customers with low cost super high resolution images to meet the needs.

New products and services of Airbus Defence and Space were introduced by M. Besnard, Channel Partner Program Manager. In particular, he specially stressed WorldDEM™, the new standard of global elevation models with pole-to-pole coverage, unrivalled accuracy and unique quality to support customer mission and Instant Tasking providing answers in emergency situations.

The representatives of SI Imaging Service (the Republic of Korea) and Excel Geomatics (India) have taken part in GIS-Forum for the first time, they told the participants about the activities and the latest elaborations of their companies.

Ms. Kimy Cheng, Global Channel Manager at Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology, introduced the first Chinese super high-resolution Earth Observation satellite GF-2.

V. Sedelnikov, General Director at Priroda Research and Production Center, reported about remote sensing data application for the mapping of Russian territory.

A. Emelyanov, Deputy Director of Science at NTs OMZ “Russian Federal Space Agency” devoted his report to the possibilities of using Russian satellite constellation to meet the customer’s needs.

A. Glotov, Head of GIS Development and Implementation department at SOVZOND Company told about the latest trends and GIS solutions.

The representatives of Astanagorarkhitektura (Kazakhstan), Roslesinforg, Moscow Department of Information Technologies and other Russian and foreign have participated in at the Plenary Session.

On the second day of GIS-Forum (April 16) two Plenary sessions took place. During the session “Software, Systems and Solutions for data processing” the specialists of Russian and foreign companies informed about new features of widely used software products. O. Kolesnikova, Head of Integrated Projects at Sovzond Company spoke about cutting-edge technologies and geospatial data processing. The representatives of KazGeoScan, Racurs and other companies participated the Session.

At the Plenary Session “The experience in GIS Development and Implementation” A. Belyakov, Executive Director at Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster (Innovation Center, Skolkovo, Russia) spoke about the projects for providing support for GIS companies. The reports of specialists and managers of Department for Information Technologies and Communications (Town Council, Urban District Togliatti), Innovative Center, Ilim Group, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of Geography), Planeta Far East State Research Center and many other companies caused a great interest.

The Plenary Session of the final day (April 17) was devoted to “The Experience of Task Solutions by Application of Remote Sensing Data and GIS technologies.” Different aspects of remote sensing data and GIS technologies in various fields were reflected in the reports of Exon IT (Belarus), LLC "NKS VECTOR" (Russia), FGAOU VPO Lomonosov Northern Arctic Federal University (Russia), Geoscan LLC (Russia) and many other companies. Particularly, Import Substitution was emphasized.

All the reports at Plenary Sessions stimulated great interest, the speakers were asked a lot of questions and discussions continued outside the Conference Hall.

On April 17, the representatives at Unmanned Systems (Izhevsk) demonstrated the participants the launch of UAV. After the launching the operator tasked to survey and the data were transmitted to ground station.

Following an overwhelming response, GIS-Forum was filled with the thematic workshops on application and processing of remote sensing data and GIS generation:

  • DigitalGlobe workshop “Use of Geospatial Big Data.”

  • BlackBridge workshop “BlackBridge's Monitoring Program for Agriculture in Russia.”

  • SOVZOND workshops:

    • “The application of Uniform Information Space of Geodata as a tool of information support in managerial decision making at regional level.”

    • GIS generation based on Open Software.”

    •  “The Experience in the Development of the Multiplatform GIS for Mobile Devices, based on Libraries with an Open Initial Code.”

    •  “Space Monitoring for Regional Agribusiness Control. Advanced Geoinformation Web Services for Agriculture.”

    • The Space Radar Monitoring of Displacements and Deformations of the Earths’ Surface and Structures in Mineral Deposits and in Cities."

It is worth observing that Uniform Information Space of Geodata and Space Monitoring for Regional Agribusiness Control workshops caused great interest among the participants. Besides, the moderator of Uniform Information Space of Geodata workshop acquainted the participants with the large-scale joint investment project SOVZOND and Rostelecom. The goal is to generate the Uniform Information Space of Geodata. The second workshop was devoted to GIS and Space Technologies for Agriculture, Sovzond presented a new service Geoanalitika. Argo.

For those who wished to observe new software products, master classes on working with the latest versions of software systems of remote data processing (INPHO, ENVI, and SARscape) as well as a geoinformation product line of Esri ArcGIS were conducted.

Russian companies including OJSC NII TP, Geoscan LLC, Unmanned Systems, Innovative Center, ScanEx R&D Center as well as foreign companies such as Elecnor Deimos Imaging (Spain), BlackBridge (Germany), DigitalGlobe (USA), Beijing Space Eye Innovation (BSEI) (China), Exelis VIS (USA) took part in the Exhibition “Engineering and Technologies.

Traditionally in the frame of GIS-Forum Contest “The best projects in the field of GIS Technologies and remote sensing” was held. The winners were chosen in five categories:

  • “The best Sectoral Innovation Project on the application of remote sensing data”.

The winner is RTC KazGeoScan LLP, Kazakhstan (the project “The Development of Satellite Radar Interferometry in central part of Kazakhstan.”)

  • “The best Regional Innovation Project on the application of remote sensing data.”

The winner is Astanagorarkhitektura LLP, Kazakhstan (the project is “Astana Duty Plan” Automated Information System.”)

  •   “The best Integration Solution on the application geospatial data.”

The winner is Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Russia (the project is “Uniform Information of Moscow Space of Geodata.”)

  •  “The development of unique technologies in the field of remote sensing and GIS.” 

The winner is FSUE Roslesinforg, (the project “The Development and Integration of a practical guide for a decoder taxator.”)

  •  “The significant contribution to the Development of GIS Technologies and Remote Sensing.” 

            The winner is Planeta Far East State Research Center (the project is “Far East GIS for visualization of hydrometeorological, heliophysical and satellite information.”)

The winners were awarded by Certificates and special memorable prizes.

In addition to the extensive business program, participants of the GIS-Forum were offered a great variety of entertainment. On the 16th of April, specially for the guests of the GIS-Forum, a popular Russian band, Band’Eros performed at the banquet. 

All the participants received a new Sovzond booklet, the first two issues of Geomatics magazine, a new software catalogue and memorable souvenirs.
The abstracts and presentations of speakers will soon be available on the Forum website in the "Program of the Forum" section.

SOVZOND Company thanks all the participants for active engagement and appreciates your interest in GIS Forum. We are looking forward to seeing you at International GIS Forum in 2016 which will traditionally be held in April.

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