SOVZOND Announces Development of World EvolutionTM to Capture Changes Worldwide


How has the World changed in the last decades? Which modifications impact you and environment around? SOVZOND will answer these questions making changes visible worldwide with World EvolutionTM.

The leading Russian integrator in the field of remote sensing and geospatial technologies announces the start of World EvolutionTM development. The new product will be designed to capture changes since 90th worldwide. It will comprise an unrivaled set of layers derived from satellite imagery by unique SOVZOND’s change detection technology and qualified by the expert team.

The product will represent an effective tool saturated by valuable geostatistical data set helping to adopt major longstanding decisions for countries and macro regions development.

World EvolutionTM will provide reliable information to enhance a wide range of applications. For instance government authorities, developers and investors will be able to get an overview of the entire infrastructure change in the given country: highways, airports, large industrial parks, high-rise building areas and cottage villages.

Emergence or disappearance of localities, estimation of areas damaged after military operations, growth of population density, advice on land resources best fitted for agriculture – these are some of the applications of WorldEvolutionTM product from SOVZOND.

Mining, oil and gas companies can get an overview of the industrial landscape starting from 90th worldwide: exploration and recultivation of pits, open cast mining, waste heaps, emergence of new oil and gas fields, etc. Understanding the trends globally they can even make forecasts on the oil barrel price.

Moreover valuable ecological information helping to respond global problems of desertification, deforestation, damages caused by forest fires and windfalls can also be extracted from World EvolutionTM.

All changes represented in World EvolutionTM will be analyzed within 3 periods: 90th, millennium and nowadays. The company is planning to continue product development by extending time periods and improving product’s profile with predictive analytics.

Currently SOVZOND is finalizing the creation of this product for the 17 mln sq km of the Russian territory and plans to complete global coverage by 2019.

Sample data to try product’s quality firsthand will be available soon by request at For more information, please contact SOVZOND.

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