"Sovzond" demonstrated cow-parsnip map at the exhibition "AGROUS"


Last week the international agro-industrial exhibition "AGRORUS" was hold in St. Petersburg. The exhibition is an excellent platform for demonstrating the implementation of the State program for the development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013-2020. Participants from more than 20 countries visited the exhibition. There are also active business program was hоld during exhibition. Sergey Myshlyakov, the head of the Department of Remote Sensing Data Processing, made a presentation at roundtable discussion «Phyto invasion and its environmental consequences». Topic was «Mapping the places of growth of Sosnovsky cow-parsnip according to satellite data». At the end of July, Sergei Myshlyakov delivered a similar report and presentation of the map at the meet-up organized by the «Greenhouse of Social Technologies». Economic damage from biological invasions is colossal, especially it’s actual for agriculture, forestry and water management. The main issue is Sosnovsky cow-parsnip expansion in the Leningrad region and the North-West Federal District as said by commission on agro-industrial complex. There were an active dialogue and development of new environmentally friendly methods of fighting the problems of mass phyto invasion during roundtable discussion. Read a detailed overview about meet-up and look through presentation you can here. Map was made by platform Geoanalitica.

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